Our Story

My name is Brenda and I created Blue Ninja Studios in 2018 with the goal to bring family and friends together through high-quality games that are fun to play.

We are a small, family-run business located in Racine, WI, which is nestled between Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. My husband, Chris, and our two boys, Ethan and Aiden, are frequently involved in the process of game development. The boys have the most important task of play testing!

Our family loves games of all types—from board games to video games, we enjoy being challenged and having fun together! We are also escape room enthusiasts who have collectively escaped from 12 escape rooms. Our family is pictured here having successfully escaped from a game-themed room with two minutes to spare in December 2018.

Our Family's Favorite Games

  • Favorite Games to Play as a Family: Skip-Bo, Code Names, Monopoly, Exploding Kittens
  • Brenda's Favorite Games: Code Names, Skip-Bo, Forbidden Island
  • Chris' Favorite Games: Code Names, Skip-Bo, Uno, Chess
  • Ethan's Favorite Games: Roller Coaster Challenge, The Magic Labyrinth, Checkers, Chess
  • Aiden's Favorite Games: Slide Quest, Cat Crimes, Uno, Dr. Eureka, Checkers, Chess